Miley Rome

Pilot of the Wrecking Ball


Miley is a pilot, trader, and smuggler, and plays a large part in generating revenue for the Flotilla. She is highly anarcho-capitalistic, and is generally more comfortable when trading with hypercorps than with the scum at home.

She can generally be found on the Fish, with other people from the trading cabal Upton Mule. She is captain and pilot of the Wrecking Ball.

Miley often wears a specialised bouncer morph, and is known for being a more than competent trader and an exceptional pilot.

She grew up on Earth before the fall, and was physically killed as a result of a fusion reactor explosion. She was re-instantiated just in time for the Fall, and was sent offworld as an infugee with so many others. Eventully she managed to land herself in Extropia, and from there to the Flotilla.

It is no secret that Miley has severe bipolar disorder, a fact she explores in poetry and drawing. Her series ‘Drinking Deep’ tells the story of her search for a psychosurgeon who could help her, and her eventual success in meeting Content Not Found: dimble-1, with whom she became friends. Her drawings can be somewhat unsettling to view.


Miley opposed the vote to send an exploratory team to the Cylinder, believing that it would be more trouble than it was worth, and stressing the importance of trade and maneuverability to the Flotilla.

When the vote swung to the affirmative, she reluctantly agreed to pilot the party plus some Shitkickers to the Cylinder, if only to prove them wrong.

After the altercation with the security drones in the Cylinder, Miley piloted the Wrecking Ball through the tear in the hab wall to collect the party.

Miley Rome

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