Big Finger

A large, seemingly abandoned cylinder habitat found by the Flotilla shortly after the attack on the VAG. Comprised of three segments:

Alpha Arm

The alpha arm, renamed Pageantry by popular demand, has a diameter of 2.9km and a length of 10km, though the 2km closest to the core are blocked off from the main compartment. It is the most extensively explored section of the cylinder, despite having a large tear and being unpressurised.
The circumference of Pageantry is divided into 6 segments, 3 of which are transparent polymer and mirror arrays for climate control. The other three faces are as follows:

  • The north face, dubbed Haiku, is primarily made up of barracks, armories, laboratories, and the large military academy.
  • The southeast face, with the moniker Putain Ivre, is primarily warehouses, factories, and subsurface access. Of the three Pageantry faces, Putain Ivre loses the most area to the hotzone.
  • The southwest face, also known as Welalo, is given over in majority to groundworks and other staging area for terrestrial wargames. It is also the face most damaged by the tear.

The Flotilla is currently moored to the spaceward end of Pageantry.

Core Section

Named Spade, this has been explored only by unmanned drones and the recluse Descarte. Thought to contain antimatter collection, storage, and utilisation facilities. It is also heavily defended by drones.

Spade is shorter in length, but thicker than either of the arms, having a diameter of 2.25km and a length of only 8km. This does not include the coreward 2km of each arm that are open to the core, and not their respective arms.

Beta Arm

Provisionally known as Conniption, this segment of the Big Finger has not yet been explored. It does, however, have the same general structure as Pageantry.

The Big Finger currently does not spin, however it is thought that Pageantry and Conniption were at one point counterspun for gravity, whilst Spade remained relatively still in the centre.

Big Finger

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