Fish and Finger

11.00 - 13.00 Summary

It is fucking beyond me how one single group of people can manage to get into this much fucking trouble.

11.00 – Growth:
Miley, panicked after having someone melt inside their own skin inside the airlock of the wrecking ball, becomes somewhat hysterical. Suck it up, princess. There’s worse out there. Much worse.

Donal writes a damaging review for Dione Abelli, threatening her with it until she agrees to settle accounts. Abelli is very concerned, and promises to launch her own investigation into the matter. They retrieve the body of Jacqui E, but relinquish the stack into Donal and Dimble’s care.

The stack is seemingly undamaged, however the synaptic connections to the brain had, at some point, been fused – no further backing up had been done for some time. The personality booted from the stack introduced itself as Syncline, a drug manufacturer from Extropia who was due to egocast onto the flotilla to meet her friend Grimhilt.

Meanwhile, Rudyard’s surveillance drones had been going missing, shot down, and otherwise disappearing. Glimpses of secretive, radiation-sick figures running around on the cusp of the hotzone. New spirals appear etched in the walls. This is what we get when we let a TITAN artifact run around the place, but did you fucking let me activate our asset?

Eddie returns to the scorched room below, and after some careful searching finds a scrap of jumpsuit fragment caught in a warped crate. The fabric matched the jumpsuits of the figures in the hotzone.

After cleansing the corpse of Jacqui E, Dimble attempts to salvage her brain, retrieving 3 intact segments:

  • A: Having dinner at the best damn noodles in the system, Charlie Nicht Dine-In.
  • B: Useless, unintelligible sensory information.
  • C: An informational agent that attacks Dimble’s digital consciousness.

Miley does a hard disconnect, shunting Dimble back into his morph, not before he is driven to hysteria by the experience. Fucking hell, won’t someone grow some fucking balls? Dimble flees the Wrecking Ball, shooting up the interior airlock until Miley released him, and heads towards isolation in the hotzone. He is intercepted by Donal and Eddie, but convinces them to let him go. Miley, panicked at the thought of Dimble being alone, takes a shot with her sniper rifle, disconnecting his head from his body. Fucking hilarious. Imagine the look on his face. Should get some XP for the sheer fucking indignation.

The head continued to fall towards the hotzone, whilst Donal and Eddie attack Miley. Miley, realising her mistake, rushes towards Dimble to catch his head and manages to deftly scoop it up in the airlock. Unfortunately, a lucky shot from some outside blew one of the engines off, causing it to crash into a wall.

12.00 – Radiant:

9.00 - 10.00 Summary

Well, things have been rather fucking interesting this time around.

9.00 – Afterparty
Donal is approached by Kimiko from CYA about their operations and interests, and the possibility of getting the Big Finger spun up again. Donal then started the Faster Pussycat Spin Spin fishbook to garner support for the project, talking to influential individuals from organisations such as the Left Arm. It’ll be good to be able to fucking walk again. All this floating around bullshit does my head in.

Rudyard begins printing off Guardian Angel drones in preparation for the imminent investigation of the Big Finger beta arm. He is approached to assemble some custom-built drones, and after a long period of time manages to put them together. He is not contacted again for this service. See? You know nothing’s going on when THIS is what I’m reporting.

Eddie, still paranoid about the headhunter shell, set his muse to monitoring spime feeds around the Big Finger. He was notified of a suspicious crate floating near the hotzone. He ventured out to it, finding it impervious to T-ray analysis (contents suspected to be someone’s private Meatcube collection). Donal polled the populace to find an owner, and when no-one was forthcoming Eddie decided to open it, whereupon it burst open to reveal the headhunter shell suspended in a protective non-Newtonian fluid. Eddie opened up with his sniper rifle while the rest of the team hastened to him. The headhunter shell fired long spindles tipped in some sort of nerve-agent. Eddie managed to dispatch the headhunter, and followed his usual TITAN protocol. This asshole really likes his disassemblers.

10.00 – Hothouse

Suspicious of the headhunter shell and its appearance unattended near the hotzone (and sorely disappointed in missing out on free Meatcube, Eddie continued to look for clues. He found that one of the fabbers on the southwest face of the Big Finger’s Alpha arm was missing, a saucer drone in its place. Upon checking the spime feeds, the team saw the saucer that was spoofing the system had flown in some hours before, and that afterwards a trundlebot had collected the fabber and taken it to a subsurface room. Eddie and Donal went in person to investigate this room. They spied the fabber floating in the middle of the room, surrounded by crates and barrels, which they found containing oxidiser and combustibles. In addition, monowire filaments were stretched across the doorway. The two moved some distance down the corridor and entered the room, upon which the interior exploded with enough force to distend the walls of the room, and send a fireball rushing into the vacuum. The two escaped unscathed. Pity. Eddie would look fucking hilarious without his eyebrows.

Feeling ever so slightly miffed, Donal plied his contacts while Eddie did some mesh research, and they came to the conclusion that the only person who had used that room recently was Jacqui E. Donal met with Jacqui at the Smoky Python, and immediately set to interrogating her. Jacqui claimed that she had been in the room during the time that the trap had been set up, but that all she had been doing was preparing drugs and had no knowledge of any fabber or explosion. Donal grew increasingly forceful, as the circumstantial evidence was strong against Jacqui, until she agreed to undergo a brain scan. While being escorted to Dimble on the Wrecking Ball, still parked spaceward on Haiku, Jacqui showed increasing signs of agitation, until she finally collapsed. Medical analysis showed a nanobot infestation, at which point Donal prudently quarantined her in an airlock. They called their favourite medic Taya onto the scene, who informed them that the nanoplague was transforming critical blood elements into a potent toxin, essentially melting Jacqui from the inside. Taya surgically popped the stack, and promptly went to go drinking.

Dimble re-instantiated Jacqui in a simulspace, in the process finding out that she had 2 months of lack due to a malfunction in her cortical stack. They also learned that her morph had been brokered by one Dione Abelli, and that she had been invited to the Flotilla by Grimhilt Von Grimmelshausen. Grimhilt claimed that though Jacqui had originally agreed to his invitation, she had subsequently canceled and he had not seen her. Donal started a Fishbook project to retrieve and collate some of Jacqui’s missing time. What a fucking nice guy.

So, that’s what’s been happening. Looks like they’re still aiming for that other side of the cylinder, though this whole Jacqui thing might distract them for a while. Oh, and you got me my fucking ballistics yet? I have been waiting for-fucking-ever. -xxK

8.00 Crisis Averted

Alright fucker. Here’s the summary of my report, submitted EARLY I might add so you don’t fuckin’ crawl up my ass.

Bartender Donal Logue uploads a datadump to Fishbook. Sheesh, this guy again. Never have I seen such a fuckin’ chatty bartender. Keeps up well informed, though.

Descarte, the missing rad-resistant extremophile, was taken away for medical treatment by Takudome-san.

Shitkicker Eddie scanned spime feeds, looking for a hole in spime coverage that may indicate shielding, and thus the location of the headhunter. At least he’s got his head on straight.

Donal announced his party, giving top billing to Crank Stevedore – VJ Extraordinaire as agreed recompense for broadcasting the nuke mediation video. Meanwhile, he delivered an ultimatum to Caedmon (the nuke-toter): “Get out or be ended.” Fuckin’ Crank Stevedore. Fuck.

Dimble is approached by Sympathy Jones, a Transcendental Iktomian, about radical psychosurgery to accommodate an unknown multi-limbed morph. Donal begins with memory editing, including uplifted octopus and other multi-limb XP. Do we have an asset in place? Please advise. I can’t do my fucking job if you don’t tell me these things.

Donal, noticing that Crank is hurting his rep, gets in contact with 3 Second Earth, splitting the party down the middle.

The unknown presence on the TACNET identifies as Hou Hui Kitty, agreeing to meet in person with Donal at the party before the TACNET is dissolved. Hou Hui Kitty is abrupt to the point of rudeness, warning Donal that all they care about is doing their job, whatever that is. They decline to explain, merely sending Donal an XP which he shares with the rest of the group. We’ll have to watch this situation.

So it’s been pretty quiet. I’ll let you know if anything important happens. Get back to me with that info, yeah? -xxK

1.00 - 7.00 Archive Synopsis - The Story so Far

Hey, dipwad. You’ve been nagging me for a report for days now, so here it is.

1.00: After the attack on the flotilla, sensors picked up evidence of a large cylindrical object. Determined to be an abandoned cylinder hab. Mesh chatter speculated it may be an old Jovian platform. You know the one, and if you don’t, see report JL149.0013. Idiot.

Influential bartender Donal Logue lobbied for an investigation of the cylinder, eventually persuading the pilot and trader Miley Rome to take him and some others to the cylinder. Team included red-market psychosurgeon Dimble, jammer Rudyard, and shitkickers including Eddie. I kid you not, they call themselves shitkickers. Some vigilante force. Shitkickers, seriously. I love these guys. ’Cept that douchetard Eddie.

Exploratory team entered the cylinder, which tripped security in the form of plasma drones. Party disposed of drones with near full-casualties. Bahahah.

2.00: Exploratory team explores the cylinder, surmises that primary function was as a military training facility. No signs of life, though hab did not appear to be evacuated. Directed by low-rep profile to investigate particular warehouse with little justification. Found research lab, classified documents pertaining to some sort of prisoner. Found heavily isolated cell with primitive LED communication mode. Subject Dimble voiced concerns about visual infection protocols. Gonna have to watch this one.

Team interacted with ‘prisoner’ – supposedly “Samuel L Jackson”.

3.00: After interaction with prisoner and review of classified documents, exploratory team surmised that prisoner was too dangerous to release. They pulled entire cell free, containing a cyberbrain attached to communication relay. Cyberbrain inside cell was terminated using liquid thermite and disassembler nanoswarms. These guys don’t fuck around, do they? Exploratory team swayed Flotilla vote towards settling the cylinder. Started airproofing buildings. In doing so, found research lab containing robotic shell thought to be similar to TITAN headhunter hardware.

4.00: Shitkicker Benedict Lestrange finds report on strange spiral pattern occurring in isolated locations on the hab. Headless corpse found in lower level. Lestrange found fleeing the scene, fired upon Donal and others. Was subdued and found babbling, see report. Subject Miley reports repeating migraines. Descarte is dispatched to explore cylinder hotzone.

5.00: Migraines and Lestrange’s affliction linked mathematically to spiral pattern. Migraines found to be caused by medichine-mediated change to pattern-recognition, language and memory centres of the brain; as well as stimulation of nociception; caused by muse having abberant map of the brain. Dimble creates treatment protocol, then forks multiple times to aid psychosurgery efforts. Descarte breaks contact, as does Dimble 14, psychosurgeon John Cumberbatch and patient Arnold Arnett missing. I’ve given my guy the package, we should be getting results soon.

6.00: Automated drone sent after Descarte. Release of information regarding potential mindhacks causes widespread panic, many attempt to flee back to the Finger. Patient Arnett found without head near cylinder hotzone, after being seen with Cumberbatch and unknown third party. Dimble reports unknown party on exploratory team’s TACNET. Now that I don’t know about. Merits investigation.

7.00: A blockade is set up to prevent people access to the Finger. Tensions rise, causing casualties on both sides, until subject Caedmon Aelmer reveals possession of nuclear device. Donal and contacts manage to de-escalate the situation, resulting in the setting up of quarantine protocols for passage on and off the Finger. Migraines largely neutralised. Descarte recovered from the core, which was found to contain antimatter generation facilities, as well as first transhumans found. This is new. We may have to re-evaluate.

There you go. Next time hold your fucking horses, mkay? I got shit to do. -xxK

0.01 - Prologue: The Death of VAG

Due to a heated interaction with a number of items traveling at an appreciable fraction of c, namely high-density kinetic missiles and HEAP shells, the VAG was damaged beyond repair. The aft portion has been sealed with the largest salvageable plates and is being towed behind the Finger.

The damage to VAG caused the interior to vent to space, causing expiration of a large number of antique biomorphs maintained by the populace. No deaths occurred and lack was minimised due to good backup protocol and retrieval of stacks from expired morphs, however this has resulted in a large infomorph presence and a high demand for new morph manufacturing.

The flotilla desperately needs raw mass to facilitate repairs and resleeving, luckily a large cylinder has just been picked up on sensors.


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