Fish and Finger

8.00 Crisis Averted

Alright fucker. Here’s the summary of my report, submitted EARLY I might add so you don’t fuckin’ crawl up my ass.

Bartender Donal Logue uploads a datadump to Fishbook. Sheesh, this guy again. Never have I seen such a fuckin’ chatty bartender. Keeps up well informed, though.

Descarte, the missing rad-resistant extremophile, was taken away for medical treatment by Takudome-san.

Shitkicker Eddie scanned spime feeds, looking for a hole in spime coverage that may indicate shielding, and thus the location of the headhunter. At least he’s got his head on straight.

Donal announced his party, giving top billing to Crank Stevedore – VJ Extraordinaire as agreed recompense for broadcasting the nuke mediation video. Meanwhile, he delivered an ultimatum to Caedmon (the nuke-toter): “Get out or be ended.” Fuckin’ Crank Stevedore. Fuck.

Dimble is approached by Sympathy Jones, a Transcendental Iktomian, about radical psychosurgery to accommodate an unknown multi-limbed morph. Donal begins with memory editing, including uplifted octopus and other multi-limb XP. Do we have an asset in place? Please advise. I can’t do my fucking job if you don’t tell me these things.

Donal, noticing that Crank is hurting his rep, gets in contact with 3 Second Earth, splitting the party down the middle.

The unknown presence on the TACNET identifies as Hou Hui Kitty, agreeing to meet in person with Donal at the party before the TACNET is dissolved. Hou Hui Kitty is abrupt to the point of rudeness, warning Donal that all they care about is doing their job, whatever that is. They decline to explain, merely sending Donal an XP which he shares with the rest of the group. We’ll have to watch this situation.

So it’s been pretty quiet. I’ll let you know if anything important happens. Get back to me with that info, yeah? -xxK



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