Fish and Finger

11.00 - 13.00 Summary

It is fucking beyond me how one single group of people can manage to get into this much fucking trouble.

11.00 – Growth:
Miley, panicked after having someone melt inside their own skin inside the airlock of the wrecking ball, becomes somewhat hysterical. Suck it up, princess. There’s worse out there. Much worse.

Donal writes a damaging review for Dione Abelli, threatening her with it until she agrees to settle accounts. Abelli is very concerned, and promises to launch her own investigation into the matter. They retrieve the body of Jacqui E, but relinquish the stack into Donal and Dimble’s care.

The stack is seemingly undamaged, however the synaptic connections to the brain had, at some point, been fused – no further backing up had been done for some time. The personality booted from the stack introduced itself as Syncline, a drug manufacturer from Extropia who was due to egocast onto the flotilla to meet her friend Grimhilt.

Meanwhile, Rudyard’s surveillance drones had been going missing, shot down, and otherwise disappearing. Glimpses of secretive, radiation-sick figures running around on the cusp of the hotzone. New spirals appear etched in the walls. This is what we get when we let a TITAN artifact run around the place, but did you fucking let me activate our asset?

Eddie returns to the scorched room below, and after some careful searching finds a scrap of jumpsuit fragment caught in a warped crate. The fabric matched the jumpsuits of the figures in the hotzone.

After cleansing the corpse of Jacqui E, Dimble attempts to salvage her brain, retrieving 3 intact segments:

  • A: Having dinner at the best damn noodles in the system, Charlie Nicht Dine-In.
  • B: Useless, unintelligible sensory information.
  • C: An informational agent that attacks Dimble’s digital consciousness.

Miley does a hard disconnect, shunting Dimble back into his morph, not before he is driven to hysteria by the experience. Fucking hell, won’t someone grow some fucking balls? Dimble flees the Wrecking Ball, shooting up the interior airlock until Miley released him, and heads towards isolation in the hotzone. He is intercepted by Donal and Eddie, but convinces them to let him go. Miley, panicked at the thought of Dimble being alone, takes a shot with her sniper rifle, disconnecting his head from his body. Fucking hilarious. Imagine the look on his face. Should get some XP for the sheer fucking indignation.

The head continued to fall towards the hotzone, whilst Donal and Eddie attack Miley. Miley, realising her mistake, rushes towards Dimble to catch his head and manages to deftly scoop it up in the airlock. Unfortunately, a lucky shot from some outside blew one of the engines off, causing it to crash into a wall.

12.00 – Radiant:



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