The Signal

Wǎnshàng piàoliang, got something for you. A radio signal, from the hotzone. Text-only, and pretty messy. I’ll try to clean it up a little.

0w38fjaoesi was here 23fj09 was here fo98u30f9jw039fjas here first 09jef93j3..asdj,f;lkdf it was alone alfkaelijfeojas23fawmoodles093fj9waflkjdfhelfsiesfls939w83h help 398fw30fedfsd it fought w30f9jsolkfjadjfaijefd it fought back aw 3p089fao if it wef9w3fidt it won 3f3 it won w3f3 it won 0329fuw3fjw309fj help me 2309dfjow38j donal help 2w33fw3f help me 3wfo93fw39f kill it 230f9uw09fdf help me kill it 039fjw39fjk donal donal donal donal donal donal donal 90uj0309f3h8f09wjodifa9009j

Triangulating now. Gǒu shǐ! Take a look at this. Either they’ve got some serious relays, or some weird shit is happening. Hold on, someone’s answering, from our side…

Are you alone?

09j09jijlkjn0093nf i am 093jf0w398u i was 09j3f09j3f alone 930f039fuj was f here 903jff39jere first 093fw398f039u not any more 0923jf093fw83hf9ujd we are hrerer309f3jf09jw39f9j9j come please 903jw09dfj please help 039fj309 donal help 03f9w03elp me don39fjp90j3w9fj i am 3f0w30- i am com2309-39f am coming 023-f9r309 help m3e303-fi-3w90

2309 come 139 come he 490113984 me e23o9difja;lijf9djidfh89u come h me e0238r09udffeoc me me 2jdfjd8ckjo come 238u help m238uf98ud work together 290430498 help me 2398f09ds8fksdfjkj i wont dont hurt 093fu0o9fd dont hurt 3093480398 dont 3980d98f dont hurt 23980h come 2349809 come help 25809d8fk

98dfddkle its get 329r098d in te getting wor2934r830etting worse 20349830798dsfdsf no time 2498230s help 234980s9d8fjdkfjoie no ele time w3ijfruning2ouf2lfidiofjosid time running 23 dont hurt hdfasdif83098fd9s8e help me 234809d too late 3298doo soon 3098 no time jdaofsidjfjsd`

D8fd not 9sdfcs why dont w39dsfdsf answer r23r3a answer me 3492809 do if you dont 2309d8f0as8 i will come 239480 help 39w8 yelp 398df you will 2idfasdkfjalskwehlpdsf you will h3w8fasd09f you 2 will d9fa08d0fyosdif29 help 23980i or 20398fd or jdkfjalsdki will come 239908 you will 3i42w387 help 89309 you will help 39809d8f help 0809

How do we help?

come ehdsfsjl398fdsjef burn it 293408dk dill it 2380d kills jdf kill it e98dfs silence 9 as d8f0 as dfl hi alikdsdfjelkjhd9sdfu39 burn it 308 comb ic bomb it 9sd0f8sdfjlejfddestr30 destroy lkfgdkf burn its dflkdjfsdjfsdkljejdf98l destroy its give yoiudlef it hurts d9f83kil its 098fk it foughba98d0f8df fought back k do 9f8a33 burn burns d9f08d09f8 burns 98dfejf

898d098 i always 980398l i was yf9f8098e likes 98098 you we 908098ere my fav098098 favourite 809f80 always 098098d a joke 984alwa0980a as dd a drink 59809asls so good 098d0f to us 9e8r8sok909 kind a so 3809d you wll3409 help e9808le me lp me 9d80ff as d9 wont you 0a98df wont you a help d8a0s8dffsde you 90yowuere0 youre a adgj sod f good man d99 arent you ssdfoiug save me adf80ehle14sdifj5dfjdsifj14ljisdjfsdekj14oidffj where ar93809dfs where are you 39d8 fate ll her 23 tell her 2908 she al way 0808 always 098 saved p me 8098d made m398098d me d me strong 9830498dsfs we was 84098 my s9380d80 my srea3480 son for 34080 being , as djs am de14sja me strong aa she 3a was mad fjad14 me strong a1asdoj made 2315514

Can we talk to it?

98sd098a14 it wont 1308dn dot 1 any or139408 its diff12408 differ e1340809 if e fern t to what t308 we hkn2o98098 different 24598 it tried08ds not any 2408 any mo03408 not any mo923498re234908dsaew3408 it fights df908432 it wins d9083 it will 23408 till take 498takusif3480 you do n14908 dont hlep908ahlep5uhlpe me 401345145lj as dj

8098 dont hurt 134d980de088 join 1349809 both kill 140980 we both 34908 both kill it103948 dad it is worse 1048 worse than 3408 or se than 0980t thank you 308dfht ink 24098 than 9843 you hthi2398dfty thing 34098watd you sthiou9308 dont hurt 23048dfsd we oth34908 we work 4008 work with 308 donal 3408d work with 34908

098098234 i will 25452089 come 5 to 408 you 498089dfajl;kejj180 you lwi134098 you wil34098 you will help 78p7

Holy shit.

The Signal

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